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West Africa Attains 100 Stakes Milestone

Lagos, Nigeria makes the historic milestone stake

A special conference of the Lagos Nigeria Agege and Lagos Nigeria Ikeja Stakes (similar to a diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint was held June 24, 2018. During that conference the stakes were divided and a third created. The Lagos Nigeria Ojodu Stake was organized making it the 100th stake of the Church in West Africa.

The 100th stake in West Africa comes 30 years after the creation of the first stake in 1988. Elder Okechukwu I. Imo, an Area Seventy, announced the stake creation to the eager congregation, under the direction of Elder Terence M. Vinson, president of the Africa West Area of the Church. Elder Vinson was accompanied by his first and second counselors, Elder Marcus B. Nash and Elder Larry S. Kacher to this historic event.


The creation of the 100th stake was the climax of a month-long series of activities celebrating the 40th anniversary of the historic revelation on the Priesthood in 1978 which led to the formal organization of the Church in West Africa in the same year.

Activities included mounting of historic timeline banners in all meeting houses, showcasing the growth of the Church from the first baptisms in 1978, on to the creation of the 100th stake. Other activities included road walks, cultural day events, recognition of pioneers and testimony meetings across the area.

For Elder Vinson and his lovely wife Kay, the creation of Ojodu Stake would be their last opportunity to meet with the members in Lagos before assuming a new responsibility at Church headquaters in the United States of America having spent five years in Africa. The couple expressed excitement about the growth of the Church in West Africa within the past five years and how they have grown to love the people of Africa and their culture.

Elder Vinson said; “What a blessing it has been to be with you. What a blessing it has been these five years and what a blessing it has been for the celebration of this 100th stake in West Africa and the 51st in Nigeria.” 

He continued; “In two weeks’ time, the 52nd stake in Nigeria will be created. When we arrived at the end of July, 2013, there were 22 stakes in Nigeria. In the last five years, 30 stakes have been formed in Nigeria."

“That is incredible growth," Elder Vinson said. "It is marvelous. It is a reflection of the faith of the people of Nigeria. It is a reflection of your love for the Lord, a reflection of your embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and committing to live the gospel in your lives.” 

The Lagos Nigeria Ojodu Stake was created by combining and realigning the boundaries of two previously existing stakes-Lagos Nigeria Agege Stake and Lagos Nigeria Ikeja Stake. Presidents Adegbenro Adekunle, Ayodele Ajibola and Samson Kiki make up the stake presidency of the  100th stake as president, first counselor and second counselor respectively. It is the 100th stake in West Africa, the 51st stake in Nigeria and the sixth stake in Lagos, Nigeria.

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