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Summit ‘For Strength of Youth’ in Pictures

Over a five-day, action-packed conference, more than 600 young men and women ages 14-18, along with counselors and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lagos Nigeria, assembled together for the August 2014 “For The Strength of  Youth” (FSY) Summit.

“Come unto Christ” was the theme of the youth conference which was aimed at helping young members of the Church to become better acquainted with important doctrines and principles that will improve their moral standard.

During the conference, the youth were organized into groups. Each group was given testing challenges designed to build spiritual, physical, mental and social alertness and personal strength.

FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0262

Youth and counselors form “FSY” and “2014” to represent the 2014 “For the Strength of Youth” Summit.



01FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0022

The location of the FSY conference was Okokomaiko, a suburb of Lagos.


FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0020

The summit included a session combining scripture study and a devotional.


FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0152

David L. Beck, the Church’s Young Men General President, said, “Jesus Christ is our rock. He is the foundation of our faith, and He supports us as we choose to follow Him. With Christ in their lives, our youth will do more than they could ever imagine. They can establish ‘holy places’ the world over.”


FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0215

Elder M. Russell Ballard, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (one of the highest governing bodies of the Church), said, “I cannot stress too highly the protective power that comes into our lives through earnest, humble, consistent, yearning prayer.”



FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0187

A young woman builds her spiritual foundation during the summit by studying her FSY manual.


FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0196

Youth, counselors gathered together every morning for morning devotional.


FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0279

Keeping standards taught by the Savior Jesus Christ can bring about great joy.Youth who participated in the FSY summit enjoyed socializing before attending their scripture-study session.



FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0143

Youth counselors at the summit design a FSY banner during art talent evening.


FSY DSC 0040

Babatunde and Bridget Ojaide, session directors, reflect the words of President Thomas S. Monson, worldwide leader of the Church, who said, “Youth need fewer critics and more models.”


FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0272

It is all fun for counselors during the FSY summit in Lagos.

FSY 2014 08 11 DSC 0025

Elder Ojediran with counselors who mentored the youth during one-on-one coaching at the Lagos FSY camp.


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